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Add placeholders to envelope message
Add placeholders to envelope message
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Enhance your envelope messages and message templates with dynamic text using placeholders. Personalise your communications by adding recipient-specific information.

You can use these placeholders to add dynamic text to your envelope's message to your recipient or on your message templates.


Apply envelope markers to your template

You can also use placeholders in your Template's envelope name.

Go to Templates and click Open the template you'd like to edit.

Your placeholder will be determined by the recipient's role, {{rolename_name}}. In my case, I'm using {{seller_name}} because the recipient's role is Seller.

Hit Save template.

When using the template, click on Actions > Quick send and enter the recipient's information.

Hit Send envelope once done.

This is how it will look once the notification to sign is sent to your client.

🚨 Note that the placeholder in the Envelope name doesn't work when you go to Send an envelope.

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