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Delete or void an envelope
Delete or void an envelope

Deleting an envelope

Updated over a week ago

The option to delete an envelope is only available for draft envelopes that haven't been sent or recalled yet.

To delete an envelope, click Open beside the envelope you wish to delete.

Then click Actions at the top right-hand and select Delete envelope.

🚨 This action is irreversible and will permanently delete the envelope and all associated documents.

Voiding an envelope

If the envelope is In progress or was previously sent and recalled, the only option is to void it. Voiding the document is useful if it is no longer needed or if there was an error or mistake in the information provided.

💡Completed envelopes cannot be voided nor deleted

To void an envelope, click Open beside the envelope you wish to void.

Click on Envelope actions located at the top right corner of the screen. Then, select Void Envelope from the list of options.

You will then receive a confirmation prompt to ensure that you really want to proceed with voiding the envelope.

🚨 It is important to note that, like deleting envelopes, this action cannot be reversed.

Once you confirm, Annature will immediately cancel all outstanding signature requests and change the status of the envelope to Voided.

Recipients who try to access the envelope using the link from the original email or SMS will see a message indicating that the envelope has been voided and your organisation's contact information.

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