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Recall an envelope
Updated over a week ago

If you need to modify an envelope that has already been sent to recipients and is currently in progress, you have the option to recall it.
This allows you to make changes to the documents in the envelope, which is not possible while the envelope is in progress. Recalling an envelope gives you more flexibility to adjust any necessary details and ensure that the envelope is up-to-date before it is completed.
To recall an in progress envelope, simply open the envelope and click on Envelope actions located at the top right corner of the screen. Then, select Recall Envelope from the list of options.


You will then receive a confirmation prompt to ensure that you really want to proceed with the recall.

Once an envelope is recalled, all outstanding signature requests will be cancelled and the envelope will be converted back to draft.
Recipients who try to access the envelope using the link from the original email or SMS will see a message indicating that the envelope has been recalled along with your organisation's contact information.

After recalling the envelope, you can edit the envelope as needed before sending it back to your recipients. The recipients will receive a new signing email and SMS if a mobile number has been supplied.

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