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When editing an envelope, the available actions will vary depending on the envelope's current status. To learn more about envelope status, check out this help article.

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Editing draft envelopes

If you've created a draft envelope, don't worry, you can still edit all the details and information before sending it out.

To edit a draft envelope, click Open beside the envelope you wish to edit.

Make any necessary changes, review the content, and ensure everything is in order. Once you're all set, you can either click Save changes at the top or click Send envelope at the bottom to send the envelope to your recipients.

Editing In progress envelopes

You still have some flexibility to make changes to envelopes that are in progress.

You can still change the envelope's name, label, and message to its recipients. Click Open beside the envelope you wish to edit.

Then, click Envelope actions > Edit details.

Changing the envelope's message will only update the message the recipients will see when they view the envelope. it will not alter the message in the email they received when you initially sent the envelope.

If a recipient hasn't completed their required action yet, you can also remove or change their details. Simply go to the envelope you want to edit and click Open.

Then, locate the recipient you want to make changes to and click Actions.

When removing a recipient, any outstanding signature requests will be cancelled immediately. However, please note that you can only remove a recipient if there is more than one recipient for the envelope. If there is only one recipient, you won't be able to remove them.

Changing the recipient's contact details will automatically send a new signing email and SMS if a mobile number has been supplied.

If you need to make changes to the documents in the envelope, you can recall the envelope to move it back to a draft state.

Editing completed envelopes

Once an envelope has been completed, you can only modify its name and label

However, if you change the name of an envelope that has already been completed, it can result in inconsistencies with the Certificate of Completion for that envelope. It's important to keep this in mind when making changes to completed envelopes.

Editing voided envelopes

If an envelope has been voided, you can still make changes to its name and label. However, keep in mind that any other changes are not possible as the envelope has been voided and is no longer valid.

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