What is an envelope?

An envelope acts like a digital folder that contains important documents and information that can be sent to one or multiple recipients

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An envelope is a key part of Annature. It acts like a digital container that holds all the important documents and information related to a single transaction.

Annature uses blockchain technology to create a secure database and audit trail for all digital signatures within envelopes. This ensures that critical compliance information is reliable, verifiable, and trustworthy.

Your envelope can contain one or multiple documents, and can be received by one or multiple recipients. Add recipients who need to sign the documents, or who just need to review them. You can also add people who just need to be kept in the loop.

You can track its progress in the envelopes dashboard.

You'll be able to see whether the envelope has been delivered, opened, and signed by all recipients. If you need to make changes to the envelope after it's been sent, you can void it and start over.

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