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Creating and using message templates
Creating and using message templates
Updated over a week ago

Using message templates can save you time and effort when sending envelopes with similar messages to recipients. Message templates can be easily accessed and used when creating new envelopes,

Create message templates

To create a message template, simply go to Settings > Sending settings > Message templates.


Then, click Create.


Give your template a name and add your message.

If you have groups set up, you can select the group to share the message template with.


Preview the message on the right-hand side and save the changes.

Using message templates

To use a message template when creating a new envelope, go to the Review envelope section and select the desired message template under Use a message template.

The message template will then be automatically applied to the envelope's message.

Now that you know how to create and use message templates, you can head over to the next article to familiarise yourself with adding placeholders and envelope markers to your message templates.


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