Configure custom email templates
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πŸ’‘ Email templates are an advanced customisation option in Annature, and we advise using this feature only if you have prior experience in developing and testing email templates across various email clients.

If you have any concerns about compatibility or need help with testing your custom HTML email templates, please reach out to our support team before utilising this feature. We'll be happy to provide assistance and guidance.

By uploading custom HTML email templates, you can personalise and tailor the content of your email communications for new envelope requests and completion notifications according to your organisation's preferences or specific groups' requirements.
To upload your own custom HTML email templates, go to Settings and click Custom email templates.

Then, click Open on the group or organisation that you wish to upload custom templates to.

Click Browse files for either Envelope Request or Envelope Completion and choose the custom HTML file you want to upload.
You can also see find the Mustache bindings or placeholders that can be utilised in your HTML templates.


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