Step 1: Configure your account settings

Enter your business details, upload your logo and set your brand color

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To ensure that your recipients know exactly who is sending them important envelopes, it's crucial to set up your account settings.

This article will guide you through configuring your account settings to ensure your envelopes look professional and branded to your company.

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Enter your business details

Enter your business details so that your recipients have the necessary information about who is sending them envelopes. Click Settings on the lower left. Under General, go to Organisation & Branding.

Enter your business name, email address, contact number, address, and website. The information you enter here will be shown on the envelopes that you send.

Add your logo and brand colour

On the Organisation and Branding page, scroll down to the Branding options section.

Choose your brand colour by clicking on the colour box shown below or by entering a hex code.

Next, Click on Browse files and upload your business logo.

Your envelopes and emails will be themed with your chosen logo and colour. You can see what your envelope and emails would look like in the preview section:

Once done, click on Save changes on the lower right.

Up next, we will guide you through setting up groups and inviting your team members.


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