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Edit your account details and branding
Edit your account details and branding
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To Update your organisation's contact details, and upload your business logo and colours. go to Settings and go to Organisation and branding.

Edit your account details

In the Public information section, you can edit your organisation's details. These details will appear on your envelopes and help people recognise your business.

Here you can update your business name, email address, contact number, address and website. Once your changes are made, click Save changes.

Customise your account's branding

In the Branding options section, you can personalise your organisation's brand colours and logo. This customisation will be reflected in envelopes sent by accounts within your organisation.

After setting your branding preferences, click Save changes to confirm.
By default, envelopes sent by accounts in your organisation will be themed with your business logo and colours as set in the branding options. You can also assign specific branding to specific groups within your organisation.

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