Create a group
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Groups help you organise your team members and control access to specific envelopes in your account. They're perfect for organisations with different departments or teams, allowing you to set unique branding and easily manage envelope access.

To create a group, click Settings on the left hand menu and go to Groups.

Then, click Create on the upper right.

Enter your group's name and business name, and click Create.

๐Ÿšจ Please ensure to fill out all details in the group you will be creating. If the business name or any branding in the group is left blank, it will inherit the organisation settings.

Note: Business name appears in envelopes sent from the group, while the group's name is for internal use only. You can choose to use the same name for both fields.

Configure this group's branding and contact details to be used for envelopes sent from this group. Once done, click Save changes

You can also scroll down to preview what the email and envelope would look like for this group.

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