Configure automatic reminders
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You have the flexibility to customise the frequency of reminder notifications that recipients receive for envelopes they haven't signed yet. This allows you to set the ideal cadence for reminder notifications, ensuring that recipients stay informed and prompted to complete their signature on time.
To do this, go to Settings > Automatic reminders.

Toggle the Enable automatic reminders option to activate automatic reminder notifications for recipients who haven't signed the envelope. You can also choose to send SMS reminders if the recipient has a mobile number, and limit reminders to business hours.

Specify the frequency and total number of reminder emails to be sent before the system stops sending reminders.

πŸ’‘ For example, with the settings shown above, a recipient that was sent an envelope on the 1st of December would receive a follow-up email on the 4th of December, the 7th of December and on the 10th of December before stopping.

Once you're ready, click Save changes in the lower right-hand corner.

Every time a follow-up email is sent to a recipient, an entry is logged in the envelope's audit log. You can refer to the audit log anytime to track the number of reminders a recipient has received.

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