Add a witness to an envelope
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When preparing your documents in an envelope, you have the option to include a witness field without adding them as a recipient.

In this article, we'll walk you through the process of adding a witness to your envelope and show you how it works.

To add a witness, click Prepare documents when creating your envelope.

Then, drag and drop the witness field to where you want the witness to sign in the document.

Proceed to complete and send the envelope in the same way you normally would.

Once the recipient receives the envelope, they will be prompted to click on the witness field. They can then enter the name and email address of the witness who is physically present with them in the room at that time.

Once the witness is prompted to enter their details, they can sign the witness field using the same device as the recipient. After the envelope is completed, the witness's details will be included in the envelope's certificate of completion and audit log.

We highly recommend sending yourself a test envelope that includes a witness field. This will allow you to experience firsthand how the process works and familiarise yourself with adding a witness to an envelope.

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