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Using Annature's Google Chrome extension
Using Annature's Google Chrome extension
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Easily send any PDF document you access in Google Chrome straight to Annature, utilise OCR on Xero documents to auto-populate fields and recipients, and have signed documents automatically filed back to Client Documents in Xero Practice Manager.
Annature's Google Chrome extension is designed to make your document management process as seamless and efficient as possible.

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Installing Annature's Google Chrome Extension

Begin by downloading the Annature Google Chrome extension here. Next, click Add to Chrome.

When a pop-up appears, click on Add extension to proceed.

For quick access to Annature's Google Chrome extension, pin it to your browser by clicking on the extensions menu in the upper right corner of Chrome and then click the pin icon."

Setting Up the Chrome Extension

Before you can use the Chrome extension, you'll need to gather your Annature's AccountID and generate keys.

πŸ’‘ When retrieving your Account ID and generating the keys, it's advisable to copy this data to Notepad. This is because you won't be able to keep the tab open when copying from two different places.

To retrieve your account ID, click the Profile icon at the top right, and then select My account.

You'll find your Account ID here.

Next, go to the Developers page.

Select Create Key and enter a key name. We suggest using 'Chrome extension' as the key name to easily identify which keys are associated with which application, should you need to connect your Annature account to other applications in the future.

Click Create and you will be presented with a set of randomly generated letters and numbers. These letters and numbers are called API keys and will allow the extension to send documents for digital signing on your Annature account.

πŸ’‘ It is important that you save your new keys in a secure place, such as a password manager, as you will not be able to recover them if you lose them.

After copying the Account ID, API ID, and API Key to your Notepad, you're ready to paste this information into the Annature extension.

Proceed by clicking on the Annature extension in Google Chrome and selecting the settings icon.

Enter your API ID, API Key, and Account ID, and click Save settings.

Once the settings are saved successfully, the extension is now ready for use.

Using Annature's Google Chrome extension

The extension is used by simply clicking Create new envelope when opening a PDF document in the current window.

This action opens a new window, allowing you to follow the standard process for sending an envelope.

How to Fix 'Failed to Fetch' Error in Chrome Extension

If you encounter this error while using the Chrome extension, consider trying the following troubleshooting steps.

Navigate to chrome://extensions and locate the Annature extension.

Click on Details.

Scroll down slightly until you find "Allow access to file URLs" and toggle the button to ON.

Return to the PDF document you opened and click on Create new envelope.

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