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Using GreatSoft with Annature
Using GreatSoft with Annature
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By integrating GreatSoft with Annature, you can easily create envelopes for your GreatSoft contacts

Connect GreatSoft with Annature

🚨 The integration with GreatSoft can only be connected by the owner of the Annature account.

To connect Outlook, go to Settings and click Integrations.

Next, Click Connect under GreatSoft.

Next, enter the URL that you use to sign into your GreatSoft account e.g.

You'll be redirected to your GreatSoft account. Log in to your account if you aren't logged in already. You will be prompted to allow Annature access to your GreatSoft account.


Shortly after you will be returned to the Annature integrations page, and the GreatSoft integration card will be updated to show that GreatSoft has now been connected.

GreatSoft will also be added to the dashboard's left-hand menu.

This is where you can access all your GreatSoft contacts and view any envelopes associated with them.

How does Annature's integration with GreatSoft work?

You can import your GreatSoft contacts to your Annature address book by going to Settings > Integrations > GreatSoft > Import Contacts > Continue.

🚨 Contacts imported from GreatSoft will be shared with all accounts in your organisation.

Once your contacts are imported, Annature will automatically check GreatSoft for new and updated entries every hour, and will automatically sync them to your Annature address book.

Although Annature pulls your GreatSoft contacts into your address book, we recommend using the GreatSoft integration page instead to view your contacts and create envelopes for them.

To access the integration page, simply click on GreatSoft in the left-hand menu.

This page provides a live feed of your GreatSoft contacts, which is more up-to-date than the address book that syncs with GreatSoft every hour.

πŸ’‘ To ensure that your contact information is consistent and up to date, we recommend making any changes to your contacts directly in GreatSoft. These changes will be synced to Annature automatically.
Making changes to your contacts in Annature will not be pushed to GreatSoft and may be overwritten by GreatSoft if you make changes there.

From here, you can easily create envelopes and identity verification for your GreatSoft contacts within Annature.

Creating envelopes on the GreatSoft integration page will ensure that they will be properly synced to your GreatSoft account.

Send Envelopes for GreatSoft contacts

From the GreatSoft integration page, click on the Open button next to the contact you want to send an envelope to.

Under Envelopes, click Create envelope.

This will automatically set up the envelope for syncing and fill in the recipient details based on the GreatSoft contact you selected.

To finish sending the envelope to your contact, follow the instructions on this help article.

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