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Using XPlan with Annature
Using XPlan with Annature
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Xplan is a powerful financial planning and wealth management software used by practices of all sizes.
By integrating Xplan with Annature, you can easily create envelopes and perform identity verifications for your Xplan clients.
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Connect Xplan with Annature

🚨 The integration with Xplan can only be connected by the owner of the Annature account.

To connect Xplan, go to Settings and click Integrations.

Next, Click Connect under Xplan

Enter your Xplan account's site URL. This is the web address you use to sign in to your Xplan account e.g.

After entering the URL, click on Continue and you will be redirected to your Xplan account. Log in to your account if you aren't logged in already.

Finally, you will be prompted to allow Annature access to your Xplan account. Simply click on Allow to complete the connection.

Once connected, Xplan will be added to the dashboard's left-hand menu.

This is where you can access all your Xplan clients and view any envelopes or identity verifications associated with them.

How does Annature's integration with Xplan work?

Although Annature automatically pulls your Xplan clients into your address book, we recommend using the Xplan integration page to view your clients and create envelopes and identity verification for them.

To access the integration page, simply click on Xplan in the left-hand menu.

This page provides a live feed of your Xplan clients, which is more up-to-date than the address book that syncs with Xplan every hour.

πŸ’‘ To ensure that your client information is consistent and up to date, we recommend making any changes to your Xplan clients directly in Xplan. These changes will be synced to Annature automatically.
Making changes to your clients in Annature will not be pushed to Xplan and may be overwritten by Xplan if you make changes there.

From here, you can easily create envelopes and identity verification for your Xplan clients within Annature.

Creating envelopes and identity verification on the Xplan integration page will ensure that they will be properly synced to your Xplan account.

Send Envelopes for Xplan clients

From the Xplan integration page, click on the Open button next to the client you want to send an envelope to.

Under Envelopes, click Create envelope.

This will automatically set up the envelope for syncing and fill in the recipient details based on the Xplan client you selected.

On the Review envelope section, you can select the Xplan document type and subtype.

To finish sending the envelope to your client, follow the instructions in this help article.
After your client completes the envelope, a copy of the signed documents and its certificate of completion will automatically be pushed to Xplan and added to the client's file notes.

The file note will use the document type and subtype that you chose when creating the envelope.

Create Identity Verification for Xplan clients

From the Xplan integration page, click on the Open button next to the client you want to create an identity verification for.

Under Identity verification, click Create verification.

A pop-up will appear with all of your Xplan client's details already filled out. Once everything is set, just click Create to finish the process.

Check out this help article to learn more about creating Identity verification.
Once the identity verification is completed, a copy of the certificate of verification will be pushed to Xplan and added to the client's file notes.

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