Email Accounts & Domain Locking
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Each user account in Annature must have a unique email.

πŸ“Œ If a user with an email address already exists as a user in Annature, they will not be able to create a new organisation, or be added to an existing organisation by an Administrator.

New users should always be added to an existing organisation by an Administrator.

If an account or organisation has been made in error, please contact our support team to assist with account closure before adding to the correct organisation.

πŸ”– Multiple Accounts

If there is a need for an individual to have multiple Annature accounts (e.g contractor), they will need to use a different email not already linked to an existing account.

Most email clients support adding +something to an email address prior to the @ symbol. This acts as an alias, and will forward emails to your main inbox.

For example, you could use

As this is a different email address, you can create a new Annature account or be added to an existing organisation.

πŸ” Domain Locking

As an email address can only be associated to one account, and multiple account can not be merged - we can lock your company domain from any new sign-ups.

If a user was to accidentally sign-up for a new account/trial rather than being added as a team member to an existing organisation, you will unable to add them as a user in your organisation.

If this occurs, our support team will need to close their account in order for their email to be available for use again.

To prevent this, we periodically lock domains so that stray accounts aren't created away from your main Annature instance. Administrators can check the status of their domain via the menu in settings.

βš™οΈ If you need your domain locked or unlocked - please contact our support team.

πŸ’‘ Article Recap

  • An email address can only be linked to one Annature account.

  • If multiple Annature accounts are required for a single individual, you may use +something prior to the @ as an alias.

  • Annature periodically locks domains to avoid stray accounts being created.

  • If a team members creates a new organisation (instead of being added as a team member), the account can't be merged and will need to be deleted by support.

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