Invite a team member
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You can invite your team members to join your organisation and collaborate on envelopes, ensuring seamless teamwork and efficient document workflows.

To invite team members, go to Settings and click Team members.

Then, click Create on the upper right hand corner.

Enter your team member's name, email address and contact number.

Next, select the role for this team member.

  • Standard accounts can create, send, and manage envelopes from their account or other users' accounts in the same group.

  • Read-only accounts can only view and download envelopes from other users in the same group, and have limited access to the organization.

  • Administrators can manage an organization, view and edit envelopes sent by ALL accounts within the organization, and add or remove other accounts and administrators.

Then, select the group you wish this team member to belong to.

Once done, click Create. An activation email will be sent to this team member. Once they confirm their email, they'll be able to access your Annature account and start sending envelopes.

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