Using labels
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Labels are a handy tool to organise and manage your envelopes in Annature. By creating custom labels, you can group envelopes together based on specific criteria, making it simpler to locate the envelopes you need.

Create labels

To create a label, go to Settings and click Labels.

Then, click Create on the upper right-hand.


Set a name for the label. If you have groups set up, select which group you want to share the label with. By default, labels are shared with all users and groups in your account.

Finally, click Create.

Add labels to an envelope

When creating an envelope, you can pick the label you wish to assign to it in the Review envelope segment. You can opt to add one or more labels to an envelope.


To view all envelopes with a specific label, click on Labels in the left menu and choose the label you want to view.

This will display a list of all envelopes that have been assigned that particular label, making it easy to find and manage related envelopes.

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