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Identity verification
Verify your identity through Annature
Verify your identity through Annature

On the email you received, click Start verification. Enter your details, take a picture of your ID, and take a selfie.

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This article guides individuals through Annature's identity verification process.

If you're an Annature user, check this article to learn how to create Identity verifications for your clients.

πŸ’‘ Annature's Identity verification process requires taking photos of yourself and your ID using your phone. We recommend going through this process using a mobile device as it provides a smoother experience compared to using a computer.

On the email you've received, click Start verification.

You'll be prompted to receive an authentication code via SMS. To start the verification process, click Send code and wait for the code to arrive on your phone.

Enter the authentication code you received and click Continue.

Enter your full name and date of birth as it appears on your ID.

Then, enter your residential address. As you type your address, a dropdown list of possible addresses will appear. To ensure that the address is correct, select an address in the drop-down field instead of typing in your complete address.

You'll be asked to select the way you want to complete the verification. We highly recommend choosing Complete on mobile device as it provides a smoother experience.

If you're using a computer, you'll be given a couple of options to continue your verification through your mobile phone.

Once on your mobile device, select the type of ID you'll be using - either your passport or driver's license.

When prompted, you'll need to give your permission to allow us to use your data to confirm your identity. Simply click on Accept and continue to proceed.

Next, allow Annature to access your device's camera. Click Continue and select Allow when prompted by your device to grant access to your camera.

Next, take a photo of the front and back of your ID by aligning the guide with your ID. You can also upload an image of your ID by clicking More on the upper right hand and selecting Upload Image.


πŸ’‘ Make sure that the data on your ID is legible - if not, the photo will be rejected and you'll be prompted to take the photo again.

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