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How does Annature ensure the right person is signing?
How does Annature ensure the right person is signing?

We verifiy through email and SMS notifications that are tracked, and two-factor authentication that requires a second form of verification

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We take the verification of signers' identities very seriously. We understand that it's important for you to know that the right person is signing your documents, and we've put several measures in place to ensure that this is the case.

One way we do this is through email and SMS notifications. We track these notifications at every step of the process, from when they are delivered to when they are opened and when links within them are clicked. By doing this, we can verify that the intended recipient received the notification and opened it, and that no one else had access to it.

We also use metadata properties such as the IP address, user agent, and geolocation on most devices to help prove that the intended recipient was the one who received the notification. These properties can provide valuable information to confirm the identity of the signer.

In addition to tracking email and SMS notifications and using metadata properties, we offer two-factor authentication on all envelopes sent through Annature. This means that signers will need to provide a second form of verification, such as a unique client reference number or a 6-digit code sent to their mobile number, before they can access and sign the document.

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