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Integrating with FYI

Annature can be used from FYI as a digital signature provider to send documents for digital signing. This guide compliments the article written by FYI: Digital Signatures Using Annature and describes the...

Email notifications page

This guide takes a look at the Email notifications page in Annature. The options on this page can be used to change the behaviour of email attachments that envelope recipients receive on completion.

Setting up branding

Branding allows you to customise the look of emails and envelopes that you send to your customers. This how-to video guide will help you with the simple steps of setting up business branding.

Sending an envelope

Sending an envelope with Annature is simple, and can be done in under a minute. This how-to video guide with simple step by step instructions will help you get started sending your first envelope.

Sending worker permits

Under the Permitted Worker Scheme, employees are required to carry a worker permit with them at all times when travelling to and from the workplace. This how-to video guide with simple step by step...

Minimum system requirements

Most modern operating systems and web browsers are compatible with Annature. This topic serves as a reference to the minimum system requirements needed to utilise every feature of Annature.

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