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Where does Annature keep TFN and bank details?
Where does Annature keep TFN and bank details?

Sensitive data like TFNs and bank details are securely stored by Annature as encrypted values using Amazon's Key Management Service

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When it comes to sensitive information such as Tax File Numbers (TFN) and bank details, we ensure that they are securely stored and encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.

To achieve this, we store the TFN or bank details in our database as an encrypted value. This means that the information is not stored in plain-text, and can only be accessed by authorized personnel. We use Amazon's Key Management Service as our encryption technology, which ensures that sensitive data is encrypted the moment it is received by a customer.

The decryption keys are linked only to the account where the request originated from. This means that the only way to decrypt a TFN or bank details is by signing in to your account and accessing the information.

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