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Where does Annature store data and how is it kept secure?
Where does Annature store data and how is it kept secure?

Annature stores data on Amazon Web Services on Australian shores. Data is replicated across 3 zones for protection against disasters.

Updated over a week ago

All data is stored securely with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on Australian shores in the ap-southeast-2 region. The physical data centers are located in Sydney, Australia.
We have chosen AWS as our cloud provider because of their strong security measures, including regular security audits, automatic security updates, and industry-leading encryption practices.

In addition, the data is replicated across three availability zones, as defined by Amazon, to protect against potential environmental disasters. This means that if one location goes down, there are two backups that can continue delivering service uninterrupted.

We take data security seriously and strive to ensure that all data is stored and transmitted securely. If you have any further questions about our data security practices, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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