Integrating with FYI

Posted by Corey • 02 October, 2020

Annature can be used from FYI as a digital signature provider to send documents for digital signing.

This guide compliments the article written by FYI: Digital Signatures Using Annature and describes the process of obtaining a pair of API keys, which are required in order to connect Annature to your FYI account.

Before you get started, you will need to create a free Annature account. Creating an account only takes a few seconds, and can be completed by visiting our sign up page or clicking here.

After creating your free account and signing in to the Annature dashboard, navigate to the Developers page from the sidebar. If you have the Annature dashboard open in another tab, you can click here to go straight to the Developers page.

On the developers page, click create key and enter a key name. We recommend using "FYI" for this field as it will help you identify which keys have been created for which application, should you ever connect your Annature account to other applications in the future.

When you have entered your key name, click create and you will be presented with a set of randomly generated letters and numbers. These letters and numbers are called API keys and when entered in to your FYI account, this is what allows FYI to send documents for digital signing on behalf of your Annature account.

Note: It is important that you save your new keys in a secure place, such as a password manager, as you will not be able to recover them if you lose it.

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